Custom Pet Portrait Pillow

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Custom Pet Portrait Pillow

You save: $-36.00 USD (100%)
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Great Gift For Dog Lover

Add a personal touch to your space with amazing broadcloth pillows. Whether you’re looking to add whimsy to your living room or want some unique décor for your bedroom, a pet picture on pillow makes a fun and practical piece of art. This pillow with dog’s face also makes a great gift for those who love their four-legged friends.

These pillows are super soft and durable which means they are a fully functional piece of art that are meant to be used.


Product Features:

• Available in 3 Options: Stuffed & Sewn, Zip Cover, Zip Cover with Insert

• Stuffed Pillow and Insert - Polyester/Polyfill

• Durable Polyester Broadcloth Fabric That is Soft To The Touch

• Dye-Sublimated Print Using Non-Solvent Water-Based Inks with No VOCs

• Spot Treatment with Damp Cloth; Tumble Dry

How It Works

Shipping & Delivery

We know how it is when you order something - you’re excited. If you had a tail, you’d wag it as you waited. Because of this, we strive to ship your items as quickly as possible. Please take a moment to read about How It Works that help in this experience.
During off-peak months, personalized orders typically ship out within 7-10 days. During peak months (such as the holidays) processing time may be delayed for another week.
Please make sure you send us a high quality photo (please refer to our Photo Guidelines page) to shorten the processing time. Send us an email to if you are unsure.


Please be advised that due to the nature of our products (personalized and customized items), Pawz World cannot offer returns. Your artwork is designed especially for you and your pet.
However, making our customers happy with our products is what we are committed to do. In the event that we may have fallen short of your expectation, we take responsibility for it and make it right for you. Please contact us via email within 2 days after receiving your order and include the photo of the item. We will do our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.


Do you also print for pet cats?

-Yes. We also print for other pets.

Do you do humans?

-Yes! Family includes you too.

Will I see the finished artwork before it gets printed?

Yes. This only applies to custom portrait items. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we will send you the proof before we print it and ship it to you.

How do I know that the photo I’ll be sending is good enough to use?

- You just have to make sure that you have followed the photo guidelines we require for the photo quality.

  • Ensure that the photo is taken in good lighting.
  • Make sure to take the photo at an eye level with your furbaby.
  • For us to see your pet's unique features, try to get a close up photo.
  • Make sure that the photo is not blurry.
  • Make sure that the fur color in the photo is not affected by bad lighting. If the fur in the photo is not accurate to real life, the fur in the design will also be inaccurate.
Note that it is the client's duty to give an excellent photograph and despite the fact that we do check orders, it isn't our obligation to pursue you for a good quality photo. A low-quality photo won't bring about a high spec design that we display on our site. All samples on our site were produced using high-quality photos.

What are the sizes available?

Available sizes are different for each category. You can find the sizes listed on the product page.