Our Mission

Our Mission

To help and support as many abandoned and abused dogs as possible (especially senior dogs) by collaborating with WWSDS and other non-profit organizations that focus on canine welfare. Furthermore, we want our efforts to inspire other dog owners to join in the cause to give every abandoned (senior) dog the lives they deserve.

Our Vision

We are all out to ensure that no dog lives a lonely and inadequate life. We believe that rather than leaving them abandoned and unkempt, dogs should be seen and treated as a family. Hence, they deserve all the love they can get, until their last breath.

Our Goal

Yes, every dog deserves the best treatment. However, even the best intentions need excellent execution. By establishing ourselves as a trustworthy pro-dog brand, we hope to raise funds through the sales of dog merchandise and contribute the proceeds to the cause of giving abandoned and maltreated dogs a fresh start and better approach to life.