About Us

Our Philosophy

Pawz World was founded from a love and passion for dogs, and that love has been the core driving factor in every decision we have made since our start. After experiencing the level of care they provide for ourselves, we wanted to find a way to raise funds for a wide variety of dog charities who look after our four-legged friends. At the same time, we found a gap in the market for unique and personalized gifts for dog lovers. Pawz World sells a wide range of high quality dog merchandise, with a significant percentage of the funds going directly to dog charities, including a project that helps abandoned senior dogs. When you shop with Pawz World not only are you getting the perfect gift to showcase the love for one of our furry best friends, but you’re also helping dogs in need receive the love and care that they deserve.

Meet the owners

Pawz World is owned by the Offord family, and as passionate dog lovers and parents, we are 100% committed to giving dogs the best lives they deserve.  Dogs are not only kindhearted but also loving and trustworthy, and if they offer all these, they deserve as much love they can get.  And this has been the premise on which our unequivocal love for dogs is based.

Having come across Whispering Willows Senior Dog Santuary – a sanctuary for abandoned senior dogs, we were surprised but happy that such a place exists. Discovering that dogs are made to experience such cruelty was disturbing, but learning that “angels” like WWSDS exist was a huge relief.  The excellent work of WWSDS, coupled with our interest to do even more birthed the brand Pawz World.

We found it quite satisfactory and rewarding to culminate our love, compassion, kindness, and trust in dogs into a brand that underlines what we stand for.  As a trustworthy pro-dog brand, we are all out to make a difference by aligning with the cause of giving abandoned and maltreated dogs a fresh start and a better approach to life.