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11 Tactful Sympathy Gift Ideas For Someone Who Lost A Pet

Posted by Judie R on

11 Tactful Sympathy Gift Ideas For Someone Who Lost A Pet
pet bereavement gift

Pets are beloved and irreplaceable members of your family. The joyful effect they have on one's life is so paramount that it's impossible to imagine a life without them.

Although we know their lifespans are brief, it doesn't deter us from loving them wholeheartedly. Rather, we love them all the more because of the inevitable time limit for our dear companion. Parting from a pet is a heartbreaking experience. Watching a loved one go through this painful ordeal makes you feel helpless.

Regardless of your efforts, you may not be able to console them or give them comfort. If it's your first time going through this upsetting situation, you may be at a significant loss of words. When words fail, a thoughtful sympathy gift for the loss of a pet is the way to go. A gift extends your deepest condolences without the risk of offending or hurting your loved one.

Choosing the right gift that shows your compassion, as well as support, can be difficult. To assist you with this listed below are 11 tactful pet bereavement gift ideas for your loved ones.


11 Best Pet Bereavement Gift Ideas

1. Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are unique and thoughtful, making them the perfect gifts for proud pet owners. A reminder of a beloved pet can go a long way especially if the artist has a flair for soulful paintings.

A pet's final years can sometimes be difficult to witness because of the possible diseases and weaknesses. A portrait will be a snapshot of the pet's happiest years, rejuvenating your loved one's energy with pleasant memories.

A portrait done well, i.e. if the artist has accurately captured the animal's nuances, coloring, and eyes, can bring the pet back to life, in a way.

2. Glass Art

A more abstract but still comforting way to memorialize a pet is through glass art. Glass sheets of distinct colors are heated to be sculpted into unique shapes and symbols.

Glass art can also be customized to hold a portion of the treasured pet's cremains. The swirling colors of the glass art give a complex yet peaceful appearance to the piece.

Glass art can be made to be precious tokens or lasting monuments depending on your loved one's preference. It encases a loving memory, story, symbol, etc in a contemporary design inconspicuously if your loved one desires so.

3. Dog Tags

A dog tag is a perfect gift for someone who lost a dog. It keeps the memory of the clinking collar and chipper steps pleasantly alive in one's mind. You can get custom dog tags that contain the precious pet's name or paw print. Some of them can also be customized to contain a portion of the pet's cremains. 

A tasteful dog tag chain is the ideal gift for someone who prefers a clean and simple memento of their beloved dog.

4. Glass Memorial Beads

If your loved one has a whimsical aesthetic and enjoys the vibrancy of colors, then glass memorial beads are the ideal accessory choice for them. These can serve as a daily memento of the pet when placed on a bracelet or necklace.

The artisan process combines a portion of the pet's cremains with the glass to create a rare piece. Of course, the choice of adding the cremains is entirely upon you and your loved one.

These handcrafted accessories add a personalized touch to the reminiscence of a pet. You can select your loved one's favorite color for the best, and can also choose an appropriate size.

5. Pendants

Pendants are a classic choice for many occasions. Their simplistic elegance combined with a loaded meaning makes them a go-to choice for many.

There is an abundant variety of pendants and customizations available. You can select a shape such as heart, circle, etc, and choose to have the pet's features imprinted. You can also imprint a paw print or name, or incorporate a section of the pet's cremains.

When it comes to personalizing pendants, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

6. Custom Keychains

Custom keychains are a subtle way for your loved one to carry their favorite pets with them through life. This practical gift is the perfect way to honor and memorialize a pet.

With this minimalistic memento, your loved one will be able to carry their dear pet everywhere even when traveling.

7. Photo Keychains

Photo keychains can be realistic reminders as it transforms a photograph of the pet into a glass piece. The sophisticated etch-work can be customized to have the pet's name inscribed.

The unique keychain will surely stand out in an array of regular as well as meaningful accessories. If your loved one prefers elegance above all else then this chic keychain is the ultimate pet bereavement gift for them.

8. Framed Clay Paw Or Nose Imprint

The paw or nose of a soon to be gone or deceased pet can be a great keepsake gift for your loved one. Before cremation, an imprint of the pet's paw or nose can be constructed and then, framed.

The recreation of the nose in a mold can be a reminder of the pet's gentle nuzzling or the infamous boop. The paw's indentation can serve as a loving reminder of the playful hi-fi's and "fist bumps". The name of the pet can be engraved onto the frame as well.

This noble keepsake will surely elicit fond tears.

9. Keepsake Holder For The Dog's Collar

It's often nearly impossible to part with a dog's collar and tags. You could create a DIY circular or rectangular photo frame to keep the collar inside.

You can also choose to add a picture of the deceased pet or their name as well. The personal effort and attention given to this gift will make it a treasured keepsake for years.

10. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are the epitome of comfort. If your loved one adored curling up with their pet and sleeping then this is an especially excellent gift for them.

You may be able to find an identical replica at a toy store. You can also browse online for companies that specialize in making perfect realistic replicas of pets.

This one-of-a-kind gift will surely bring comfort to your loved one.

11. Books

Often overlooked, books are an excellent choice of gift for someone who has lost a pet. Books about grieving pet loss in a healthy way and more can go a long way. Knowing that others have gone through similar painful experiences is comforting for many.

If your loved one is an avid reader then this is the gift for you.


Your loved one will need plenty of love and support to get through this life-altering ordeal. Empathy may be exactly what they need from you. Flowers and cards make good gifts but they won't hold a candle against the unique beauty of the gift ideas mentioned above.

Pet sympathy gifts immortalize the beloved animal forever while accepting that they can never come back. The unconditional love of a pet can be difficult to move on from, but with time, everything heals.


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