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Hand Painted Dog Portraits - Average Cost Overview and Alternatives

Posted by Judie R on

Hand Painted Dog Portraits - Average Cost Overview and Alternatives

hand painted dog portraits

A hand-painted dog portrait is an excellent ode to a beloved member of your family. However, the novelty of a hand-painted picture brings with it the possibility of a hefty price. Particularly, if you are looking for a high-quality, professional hand-painted dog portrait, the chances are that you will have to invest in it a bit. The result is probably going to be worth the investment, though.

To help you through the hassle of multiple options and prices, we have mentioned below a general idea of the structure that artists use to price their creations.

The Formula used for Pricing Artwork

hand painted dog portrait cost

  • The width and length of the painting are multiplied in square inches to obtain its total size. The artist then multiples this number by a set dollar amount that they deem appropriate. To determine the set dollar amount, you factor in the artist’s caliber and reputation and the amount charged by other artists.
Suppose the artist, X, charges $6 per square inch for oil points. X calculates the cost of canvas and framing, then doubles that number. According to this, a 16" x 20" oil-on-linen landscape portrait would be 320 square inches. Hence, in this case, the total cost would be 320 × $6 i.e., $1920. This price may or may not be negotiable.
  • If X buys their frame wholesale, then the frame, canvas, and materials would roughly cost $150. They double this cost i.e., $300, so when the portrait sells, they can get back that money. The artist could choose to subsidize the collector by giving them the frame for free.
  • Now, all the amounts are put together. So, the retail price would become $1900 + $300, which is $2200. These prices are usually applied if the artist is selling through a gallery. In this way, their cut after the payment of a 50 percent commission would be $1100.

These prices are not set in stone, but they are variable. Also, every artist doesn’t need to follow this formula for your hand-painted dog portrait cost. If the business is booming, then the artist might raise their price by a few percent. If the economy is poor or their sales are low, they don't raise their prices and might instead decrease them.


Average prices of hand-painted dog portraits


Size (inches)

Average Price ($)

5” x 5”


5” x 7”


8” x 8”


8” x 10”


10” x 10”


9” x 12”


12” x 12”


11” x 14”


12” x 16”


10” x 20”


14” x 18”


16” x 16”


16” x 20”


18” x 24”


15” x 30”


20” x 24”


24” x 24”


22” x 28”


24” x 30”


30” x 40”



The average fee mentioned above generally includes:

  1. Design consultation if you aren’t sure about the background you want or are combining several dogs from different photos.
  2. The portrait will be completed, wired, and ready to hang on your wall almost immediately after it arrives.
  3. Shipment costs within the US.

If you request for the portrait to be gift-wrapped with a note, it will usually cost you a small amount if it’s not free. The cost of international shipping generally depends on the location. A portrait of any size that is not listed would require an inquiry for the prices. Sometimes, there may be a minimum size requirement for a customized dog portrait.

Digital Pet Portraits

hand painted dog portraits

Digital dog portraits are the more affordable alternative to hand made dog portraits. According to your requirement and preference, you can choose between a custom painted portrait, or a hand-drawn illustrated one. Instead of the traditionally expensive process, you can celebrate and express your love for your beloved dog at an affordable price through these portraits.

All you need to do in this process is send across a picture of your dog. You can choose the portrait style, size, and frame based on your taste, and the professional digital artist will then recreate the image as a digital masterpiece. The artist generally creates an oil painting from the pet photo.

In case you want any changes, some artists will give you the liberty of unlimited revisions before finalizing the painting. Like traditional pet portraits, digital portraits capture the dog's unique personality and attributes. Delivery of these portraits can be done in 24 hours or a week’s time. The time taken depends on the artist or the company.

AI-Generated Pet Portraits

hand painted dog portrait cost

AI-generated dog portraits are a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional as well as digital pet portraits. The traditional process of hiring an artist to create your pet portrait generally takes weeks. Since there is labor involved, you have to pay some amount of money up-front. If you don't like it, you might have to commission another one.

A new alternative to these problems is using AI for pet portraits. Machine learning techniques like artistic or neutral style transfers take a photo of your dog and transform it into a painting within minutes.

Many services allow you to create AI art for free by simply uploading a photo of your pet. Not only is this method cheaper and quicker, but you can also create as many portraits as you like. Some apps have a limit for the number of portraits you can make while others don't; either way, you can create multiple dog portraits in various distinct styles.

The only hiccup in this process is getting your portrait printed. Most of the apps offering AI art do not yield print-resolution images. However, some of them provide a printing service.


Regardless of your choice to go with the traditional pet portraits or the unconventional method, custom dog portraits quickly become cherished. Pet portraits have a way of making you obsessed with them without you even realizing it. The unique and personalized preservation of your beloved companion lasts for years. This way, your dog's extraordinary legacy can be passed down from generation to generation.

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