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9 Dog Mom Apparel Examples That Are Actually Not Cheesy

Posted by Judie R on

9 Dog Mom Apparel Examples That Are Actually Not Cheesy

dog mom apparel

You sporting some dog mom apparel is the ultimate declaration of your love for arguably, the purest species on Earth, Canis lupus familiaris, i.e. dogs. If you love your dog or any other dog unconditionally, you will never shy away from affirmations about the same. Rest your throat after gushing over your dog's preciousness, and let your t-shirt or sweatshirt do the talking.

Businesses recognize and adore the ’sub-species’ -dog moms- which is probably why you have an abundance of dog mom-related products at your fingertips. With that being said, when a concept reaches its peak popularity, it can be difficult to get authentic, genuine, and classy products related to it

Dog mom tees can often be cheesy enough to put romantic comedies to shame. These may be appealing to some, but there's no speck of doubt that you want to stand out. It's only human nature to want to be unique, trendy, and cool.

We understand this and so, listed below are nine dog mom apparels that you will relate with and that aren't cheesy at all.

9 Best Dog Mom Apparel Examples

1. Only Talking To My Dog Today T-Shirt

Only Talking To My Dog Today T-Shirt

It's safe to say that there are days when humans become borderline insufferable, and when you want to take an emergency sabbatical. Impromptu retreats may not always be possible, but your knight in shining armor, your dog, comes to rescue, cheering you up.

Regardless of whether you have a dog or not, this T-shirt is the one for you when a dog's continuous howling seems more pleasant than a human's single sentence. It's nothing personal, just a shared emotion you needn't feel guilty about.

If you would rather talk to a dog instead of a human and aren't shy about letting the world know this, this T-shirt is perfect for you.

2. Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are T-Shirt

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are T-Shirt

It's a universally accepted fact that no one can love you the way a dog can. A dog's love is unconditional in the most real sense.

Irrespective of your color, race, religion, secrets, imperfections, etc., a dog only sees a human worthy of its love. We can say with certainty that your dog thinks you are the best human to ever exist.

In a jaded world, such as this one, lines often blur, making it difficult for you to see the good, believe in yourself, and to keep a myriad of insecurities at bay. This tee can be a reminder to put on some rose-tinted glasses and constantly put in the effort to be a better human being.

This classic t-shirt is not only trendy and slightly emotional but is also inspirational.

3. Rescue Dog Mom T-Shirt

Rescue Dog Mom T-Shirt

Every being craves love. An innately loving animal like a dog sadly gets its opposite. Unfortunately, dogs are abused, neglected, or abandoned often. To add to this misfortune, not many people opt to foster or adopt dogs; instead, they prefer to get a dog from a breeder.

If you are a rescue mom, then this T-Shirt is the one for you. A rescue mom's job isn't always the easiest as the dog in your care likely doesn't trust humans, at the least. You power through the obstacles to give the dog a better life full of love, and this deserves appreciation.

Who knows, maybe seeing you wear this T-Shirt, may inspire somebody to rescue a dog. In a way, just by wearing a T-Shirt, you could be helping a dog in dire need.

4. Easily Distracted By Dogs T-Shirt

Easily Distracted By Dogs T-Shirt

Ever had the sight of a majestic dog stop you in your tracks while walking? Or ever stopped talking to the person beside you because you HAD to pet the dog across the street? If your answers are yes, then this T-Shirt is an excellent choice for you.

Dog lovers and dog moms alike can agree that it's very easy to be distracted by dogs. For dog moms especially getting any work done seems like an impossible task with your pup right there, trying to play with you.

This T-Shirt is the ultimate relatable shirt for all dog moms and hence, a fantastic choice for you.

5. I Just Want To Drink Wine And Pet My Dog T-Shirt

I Just Want To Drink Wine And Pet My Dog T-Shirt

After a hard day of work, sometimes, all you want to do is curl up with your doggo and have a tall glass of wine. Rather than navigating a tiresome, complicated world, you would rather be comforted by your favorite beverage and favorite "person".

This comfy T-Shirt reflects those sentiments accurately. Self-care is important for a sound mind and body. If your form of self-care is wine and your dog, then this tee essentially has your name written on it.

6. Never Sleep Alone Sleep Shirt

Never Sleep Alone Sleep Shirt

This is made for those smart and health-conscious dog moms who sleep with their pups curled up in bed with them.

You may question the use of the words "smart" and "health-conscious" just for a choice of sleep. Well, research says that sleeping next to someone you love has multiple health benefits, including reduced stress level, improved immune system, lower blood pressure, etc. Scientifically, when you sleep next to someone you love, the oxytocin hormone is released in your brain, easing your anxiety.

Many people may perceive it to mean sleeping next to your romantic partner has these benefits. However, these benefits and more such as the reduced risk of depression apply to sleep with your dog.

So, if you haven't already, get these kinds of comfy shirts and adapt to sleeping with your dog. After all, it's far from wise to argue with science.

7. Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Dog Mom Sweatshirt

A declaration of love doesn't have to be uncomfortable, and this dog mom sweatshirt is the proof.

The warm coziness of a sweatshirt combined with the classic "dog mom" printed on it is the perfect choice to have the best in both worlds.

This sweatshirt is especially superlative for you if your aesthetic fits the fall-cozy vibe.

8. This Dog Stole My Heart T-Shirt

This Dog Stole My Heart T-Shirt

One of the signs of a doting dog mom is the occurrence of the following conversation :

You: Hey, so there's someone who I'm falling for, I think they are the one I want to spend my life with.

Friend: It's your dog, isn't it? You: Yes! There's this dog that kinda stole my heart.

If this conversation sounds familiar to you, then not much needs to be said; this shirt is the best choice for you. This tee will surely get understanding nods and chuckles from dog moms everywhere.

9. Think Pawsitive T-Shirt

Think Pawsitive T-Shirt

Optimistic thinking is critical for a successful life, and some good puns even more so. Coincidentally, dogs are the epitome of joy which in turn directly relates to optimism. Aside from the pun's appeal, this connection may be another chip in this tee's favor.

If you are a fan of puns and paw-sitive thinking, then this tee is simply perfect for you.


Your fur-child is an important aspect, if not the most crucial aspect of your life. It's only fair for you to want to show off your love for them.

The above list has examples of some of the best dog mom apparel. If the thought of cheesy tees has ever discouraged you, consider this article to be a sign from the universe to get cool dog mom apparel now.

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