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7 Best Dog Memorial Gift Ideas That Help Relieve The Loss

Posted by Judie R on

7 Best Dog Memorial Gift Ideas That Help Relieve The Loss

dog memorial gifts

A dog is an irreplaceable part of our lives. Their days may be numbered, but their impact on our body, heart, and soul is everlasting. The loss of a loved one always leaves an emotional mark. However, the loss of a pet hits differently. They dedicate their whole life to you in a way that no one else does. Your dog might have been a part of your life, but you were their whole life.

The only worthy way to honor such beautiful creatures after their death is by memorializing them. Pet grief can be incredibly painful to overcome, but eventually, it gets better. The loss never goes away, the memories remain fresh, but you learn to live with it. While we do move on, their memory remains alive for years to come.

After a pet’s death, it is almost a given that the pet owner would want to memorialize their dog so that they can be with them forever in a way. Your loved one probably has a memorial, a tattoo, or a donation planned to honor their lost buddy while dealing with their grief. How can you help your loved one get through this tough time, and also commemorate their dog?

Mentioned below is a list of the best dog memorial gift ideas to help your loved ones grieve and remember their best friend.

Best Dog Memorial Gift Ideas

1. A Framed Portrait or Photo

dog memorial gifts

An excellent way to preserve the memory of a dog is a framed portrait. The portrait could be a regal image of the dog,  a memory from a special occasion, or even just them doing a mundane activity. The frame assists in making the portrait look more prominent. Your loved one could hang the frame somewhere in the living room or their bedroom to see it regularly.

2. Pet Sympathy Card

dog memorial gifts

When your loved one suffers a loss, it is not easy to find the right words. Often, you do not want to hurt your loved one by saying something improper. Gifting them a pet sympathy card is a great way to express your compassion without the pressure of being inappropriate. Remember, you do not have to be good with your words to show your loving support.

3. A Book on Loss

A Book on Loss

Pets are a monumental part of the family, and so it's only natural for some people to struggle to cope with the tremendous grief after their dog's demise. A book about loss or suffering can be a great help to your loved one. In times like these, people often do things that bring them comfort. Hence, it is the perfect gift for somebody who finds solace in the pages of a book. Even if your loved one does not read books, a book specifically meant to help dog parents cope with loss could help them through the grieving process.

4. Ornament

dog memorial gifts

Christmas is known to be a wholesome festival of miracles. Ornaments on a Christmas tree are a great way to conserve a pet's memories. In honor of the deceased pet, you can preserve their memory with a custom-made ornament. In this way, your loved one will be reminded of their beloved pet every year during a magical holiday.

5. Stuffed Animal

dog memorial gifts

Regardless of your age, a stuffed animal is the epitome of comfort. It is a touching way to honor a loved one's dog. Mainly, gifting your loved one a customized replica of their dog gives them the support they need. They do not have their precious dog by their side anymore, and thus, the next best thing would be a comforting replica of their cherished pet.

6. Scrapbook

dog memorial gifts

A scrapbook filled with your loved one's dog's pictures and notes is an unbeatable gift. The scrapbook could be a 5-minute snapshot of your loved one's entire journey with their dog. It would be a unique present because of the work that would go into making the perfect scrapbook and also because it would tell a story. Every time your loved one misses their pet, they can look through the scrapbook and relive the treasured memories they shared with them. When you gift your loved one a scrapbook, there probably won’t be a dry eye in sight.

7. Windchime

dog memorial gifts

If you or your loved ones are spiritual or religious, then this one is perfect for you. It is widely believed that after death, pets, including dogs, return to nature. A wind chime could serve as a reminder about the constant presence of those we love, even if they cannot physically be with us. When your loved one hears the sound of the breeze ringing through the wind chime, it will remind them that they are still close to their beloved pet.

Pet Memorial Gift Ideas - Jewelry

Jewelry is an excellent way to express ourselves and convey our love for pretty much everything. This gift is particularly perfect if your loved one adores and uses jewelry daily. By giving jewelry as a gift, your loved one will be able to take their pet everywhere with them.

1. Bracelet

Bracelets are quite subtle compared to other jewelry pieces, however, the sentiment they carry is the same. There are multiple ways to get your gift personalized. You can choose a paw print, engrave your loved one's dog's name or any creative, feasible pattern on it, too. Your loved ones will love the simple yet elegant reminder of their four-legged companion.

2. Ring

Another piece of jewelry you can gift your loved one is a ring. It is small, and thus, very convenient. Your loved one can feel their pet's presence without worrying about losing or storing the ring. You can personalize it in various ways. Memorial rings are available that feature paws, pet names, and other commemorative tributes for deceased pets.

3. Necklace

When it comes to a memorial necklace, there are a lot of readily available varieties. You could choose to gift your loved one a heart medallion locket with their dog’s picture in it or their name engraved on it. You can also select a simple dog tag pendant or one with the dog's picture in it. In this case, the possibilities are almost endless. Regardless of the pattern or shape you choose, it is a powerful way for your loved one to remember their pet.

4. Charm

If you cannot or do not wish to invest in a new jewelry piece, a charm is a great option. You can add the charm to any existing jewelry you own and commemorate the dog's memory. It will not matter to your loved one if it is a brand-new piece of jewelry or not. Irrespective of everything, the emotion, and meaning of the gift remain the same. Charms can be attached to other things, including bracelets and earrings.

5. Keychain

If you are looking for a simple, understated gift, then you should opt for a keychain. A keychain is the most affordable way to gift your loved one a reminder of their pet. Another significant aspect of a keychain is that it has an ample amount of space. You can add notes, wordings, quotes, etc. for your loved one, too.

6. Brooch

A brooch is a small and convenient way to remind your loved one about their dog. It can be worn on any piece of clothing like a T-shirt, top, suit, etc. You can customize the brooch to add a personal touch. You can even choose a simple circle with the dog's name engraved on it or even a rendition of the dog's face.

7. Gemstone jewelry

You do not have to limit yourself to the gifts that are traditional symbols of pets. Paws, names, dates, etc. are special reminders, but they are not the only way to honor your loved one's dog. Think of a stone jewel that you think would remind your loved one of their dogs. Although it's unlikely, maybe they mentioned a gemstone that held some significance to them, especially one that somehow relates to their beloved companion. This gift would require some research to find out the meanings of the gemstones, but it will be worth it as it is a unique, out of the box gift.


Losing a pet is never easy for anyone. Giving your loved one a memorial gift is a great way to show your respect, love, and support. Unique remembrance ideas can help your loved one grieve at a slow and steady pace. It does not matter how many years have passed since the pet’s death, their presence, although short, is always cherished dearly. Memorializing a pet does not just allow the grief to come full circle, but also creates lasting memories for your loved one.

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