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5 Reasons Pet Portraits from Photos are a Surefire Gift

Posted by Judie R on

5 Reasons Pet Portraits from Photos are a Surefire Gift

pet portraits from photo

Unique and meaningful gifts take quite a lot of brainstorming. They're almost always a hint of doubt attached to a gift. Will they like the gift? However, if you have a friend or a loved one who has a pet, a gift you can blindly give is a pet portrait.

Moments are over in a jiffy but memories last in our minds and hearts forever. To capture these precious moments, a pet portrait from a photo is simply perfect.

Here are 5 reasons that pet portraits from photos are the ultimate gifts.

Ideal for an Emotional Surprise

pet portraits from photo

Pets have a very high sentimental value in the owner's and their loved ones' lives. One of the greatest things about a pet portrait as a gift is that almost no one sees it coming. Pet portraits are not only unique but also warm and intimate.

A gift such as this would elicit an emotional response like no other. A gift that holds a personal touch like this is sure to elicit some waterworks.

Immortalization of a Beloved Pet

pet portraits from photo

What better way to commemorate the event than a pet portrait?

A pet portrait honors the pet during and after its life. Pets don't live as long as us but the love we have for them never dies. This gift would be particularly special for someone who has lost a pet as it may help them cope with the grief.

A reminder of the beautiful moments shared with a pet can only do good for the owner. The memories attached to the pet will be forever cherished by the receiver.

Quintessential Comfort

pet portraits from photo

When someone moves away to a different place or goes away for higher education, homesickness is a given. With this, anxiety is often a companion. A pet can't physically move with them, but a portrait surely can.

Giving a pet portrait to someone moving away is like sending them an unlimited supply of warm hugs. A pet's hug is sure to cure sadness and keep anxiety at bay.

Remarkable Storyteller

pet portraits from photo

Sure, stories can be told through words too, but portraits are a visual representation of a special memory. In a split second, the vivid memory comes flooding back, lighting you up with joy in a wink.

Giving someone a pet portrait is a stunning way of staying with them forever, no matter what. A collection of portraits could even narrate a movie. This could become a stunning treasure chest for the family for generations to come.

It certainly plays in everyone's favor as portraits are great ice breakers. When you host a gathering, the portrait could instantly prompt a conversation.

To Raise Awareness and Support a Cause

pet portraits from photo

In addition to the list of reasons mentioned above, pet portraits could also be a way for you and your loved ones to support a cause.

Many artists who get pet portraits done donate some of their money to animal shelters and raise awareness. Pets need love and a healthy home. In this way, you can gift your loved one an amazing gift and also help an animal.

Raising awareness evokes action in people, either by them donating money or adopting a pet of their own. When a pet's love is unparalleled, it is only fair for everyone to get an opportunity to savor it.

Pointers for taking a great photo

1. Clear Subject

Pets often don't like to stay still for long. So, if you're lucky, you'll get a good photo in 10-20 shots. Hence, it's better to take 30-40 photos so you have plenty to choose from.

To aid with getting a better focus before taking the picture, there may be a 'half depress' on the shutter button if you're using a digital camera. If you're using a mobile phone, you need to tap the screen for the camera to refocus.

2. Match Their Level

To get a personalized, clear photo of the pet, it's best to avoid looking down at them while taking a photo. Instead, get on their level depending on the size of the pet, so that the camera is at his/her eye level. This will also help with getting a better angle and adjusting accordingly.

3. Avoid Screen Captures and Digital Zoom.

If you're using a mobile phone, there's a zoom feature that helps you home into a scene. This feature is quite convenient for regular pictures but because of their low quality, it's better to avoid it.

Also, avoid screen captures as they will be low resolution and not very detailed. For pet portraits, original photos are recommended. The sharing method may vary depending on the brand of the phone.

4. Avoid Resizing and Re-sharing.

The original size photo is needed to see the image in full detail. Hence, don't resize the photo in any way.

Social media photos include filters and distorted colors. Social media sites also compress and resize photos to make uploading quicker. Naturally, this reduces quality and isn't a good option for a pet portrait.

5. Correct Lighting.

It's recommended to take photos of the pet outside but if that isn't feasible, the home lighting should be bright. In shade, the mobile lens takes a long time to focus and produces a grainy photo. However, in bright lighting, photos are clearer and in focus.

 There are not many gifts that can surpass the affection of a pet portrait. It is a wholesome gift for your loved ones to let them know that they are important to you. This isn't just special for your loved one but most pets will surely be fascinated by their own portrait. If you're lucky, they might adore the portrait. Who can resist a chance to get some extra points and stay in a pet's good graces?

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