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7 Signs You Are A Dog Mom - And What To Do About It Now

Posted by Judie R on

7 Signs You Are A Dog Mom - And What To Do About It Now

dog mom

Is your dog the apple of your eye? Do you make decisions based on the impact they will have on your dog? Do you consider yourself a dog parent instead of a pet owner? Do you plan your everyday life around your dog's schedule? Do your friends and family know more about your beloved dog than they know about you?

If your answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, then chances are you’re a bona fide dog mom.

7 signs that say you are a dog mom

1. If you refer to yourself as your dog's parent.

dog mom quotes

There is a saying that goes, “Angels are often disguised as dogs.” This is the belief of a dog parent, too. Moreover, even your parents love and spoil your dog just like they would do for their real grandchild.

You are a dog mom if you get ready to fight a war every time someone refers to you as your dog's owner instead of their mom. Your dog is your fur baby, and you are not afraid to let anyone know it. The very notion of someone implying that your dog is just a pet you live with offends you.

“It’s just a dog.”

“First of all, that’s my child.”

Plus, there is a good chance your dog shares your last name, too.

2. If your dog lives better than you.

dog mom meme

In this case, adorable dog accessories, toys, and treats are abundant, and you cannot deny your dog anything. Even if it is a little over the budget, you make adjustments and schemes to cover the money spent. You do not consider any amount splurged on your dog as a loss.

Your dog deserves the best and you will do everything in your power to give them that. Dog moms often stand by the saying, "I work hard so my dog can have a better life.” It doesn't matter to you if you can't buy new clothes or have fancy meals as long your dog is happy.

3. If your dog is your favorite human.

dog mom day

Before leaving the house, do you always say 'I love you' to your dog or set up everything they need, like the TV for them to watch, in your absence?  Yep, you’re a dog mom.

Also, you almost never miss any chance to bring your fur baby into the conversation. A discussion about the weather turns into a discussion about your dog's preferences. It could be how your dog loves or hates snow, or how they like soaking in the sun, or rolling in the mud.

You are obsessed with narrating stories and incidents involving your dog to your family and friends. The chances are that your loved ones know about everything about your dog but not nearly enough about you.

Extra points if you have real children, and your dog is still your favorite. You let them sleep in your bed, and wholesome cuddles are always welcome. If you have had a tough day, your dog always turns your frown upside down.

“If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I would be a millionaire.”

Any event is always better when your dog is right by your side. There is a huge chance that your social life revolves around your dog, too.

4. If your dog is your number one priority.

dog mom

Your dog is the most important commitment in your life. You are even willing to cancel your own plans for your dog, especially if they use their most powerful weapon: puppy dog eyes. Even if you have to leave to run errands, you can't wait to get back home to your dog.

“There’s a 100% chance that I would rather be home with my dog.”

Any place that allows pets can expect a visit from you. You spend hours looking for a place to have the perfect adventure with your dog. You make vacation and travel plans based on your dog's schedule. You plan trips to dog-friendly places. Whenever you are invited to an event, your first question is, "Can I bring my dog?" The thought, “If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going.” often comes to your mind.

You spare no effort when arranging their play-dates so that your fur baby has a good time playing with the perfect companion. A significant person in your life is your dog's vet. You probably have them on speed dial, so that in case of any health crisis, your dog gets the best treatment.

You are not opposed to being hostile to someone who does not acknowledge your dog. If someone enters your life and does not attend to your dog first, it says a lot about their character. You trust your dog's judgment on people much more than yours.

5. If you have more pictures of your dog than of yourself.

dog mom quotes

You never miss out on a chance to capture cute moments of your furry goofball. Your dog does anything, and you feel the need to take a picture. How many storage alerts have you received yet?

“No one:

Me: here’s a picture of my dog in a sweater!”

The world should know how adorable your dog is, so you do not hesitate to share their pictures everywhere. Annoying your friends with multiple dog mom memes is not something you feel shy to do. Your social media is likely to be full of your dog’s images, that is if you haven't made a separate account for them. There can never be enough content when it comes to your puppy. You probably preach dog mom quotes everywhere, too.

6. If you never miss an opportunity to celebrate your dog.

dog mom meme

You believe your dog's existence makes life on Earth better. Their presence is a crucial part of your life and, hence, you never miss out on an opportunity to show your dog, just how special they are.

Some people like making a big deal for their birthdays, but you enjoy planning an extravagant celebration for your dog. Hosting a big party for their birthday is a given. Some of the event’s necessities include pup treats, good gifts, custom-made banners, and birthday cake, etc.

Halloween is the occasion when you go all out while picking your dog's costume. You are happy just rocking a dog mom shirt, but your dog must always have an elaborate and perfect costume. Trick-or-treaters not only get candies but also get to be graced by your dog in all their glory.

While all these occasions are important and a hoot, nothing compares to the "just because" presents. What is better than showering your dog with presents to show them how treasured they are? Special treats, luxury toys, anything your dog wants, they can have. You truly believe in the saying, “Love is a four-legged word.”

7. If you have a special voice for your dog.

dog mom shirt

You do not just have conversations with your dog, but your voice automatically changes when you speak to them. You seamlessly transition from your regular voice to your puppy-talk voice. You probably also have multiple nicknames for your fur baby.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Your dog might not be able to speak any human language, but they are the best listeners. Many times, dogs understand us better than any human. The possibility of being called a crazy dog lady does not deter you from speaking your heart out to your puppy.

“If being a crazy dog mom is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”

Signs you are ready to be a dog mom

1. If you have done your research.

When you contemplate getting a dog, you need to do your homework first. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the breed that is most suitable for you. Factors like the kind of house you have, your health regime, etc. influence the ideal breed for you. If you live in an apartment and don't like outdoor adventure, Shepherd breeds probably aren't right for you. Additionally, you should understand the basics of a dog's health, training, grooming, etc.

2. If you are financially steady.

Being a dog parent is a big financial commitment. Excluding the adoption/purchase costs, vaccinations, and health care, especially if your dog has a medical condition, you still have other considerable expenses. Their food, toys, insurance, and unexpected vet visits can rack up quite the bill. Thus, you have to be sure that you can afford to keep your dog healthy and happy.

3. If you have time to invest.

Your dog needs your undivided time and attention regularly. You need to dedicate a few hours and have the patience to train your dogs, take them on regular walks, etc. Spending time with your dog is a must, and they also need to learn safe interaction with others, especially if you have a kid.

4. If you care about your dog more than your house.

Dogs, especially puppies, can make a huge mess and unleash havoc in your house. Be mentally prepared to handle rampant toilet paper, chewed off items, etc. Dog hair will probably be everywhere, especially if you have a dog breed that sheds a lot. You can have a pristine home with a dog around, but it takes a lot more effort and time. If you are getting a puppy, you will need to puppy-proof your home.

5. If your family is on board too.

Ensure that everyone in your family is on board with welcoming a dog to the house. You may need to outline a plan for everyone's personalities, especially if you have kids. Even if you take care of the dog’s feeding, playing, walking, etc. by yourself, the rest of the family will need to share some time with the dog, too. It won’t be fair to the dog if it isn’t given the affection it needs.

6. If you love dogs.

It is advisable not to make a big decision, such as getting a pet, on a whim. It’s appropriate to get yourself a dog if you have thought about it for months or years, and maybe even have a list of possible names picked out. If you fall in love with every dog you see and have the urge to pet each one of them, it is a sign that you are probably ready to get a dog.

An important aspect of being a dog mom

Being a dog mom, you want to give your dog the best of everything. Unfortunately, some dogs are not lucky enough to have someone to love and care for them.

A critical but overlooked aspect of being a dog parent is the responsibility that comes with it. You should spread awareness about animal shelters and encourage others to help give some dogs a better life. Fostering and adopting a dog is the best way to show dogs who have seen a tough life that they deserve to be loved.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should foster or adopt a dog and encourage others to do the same, too.

Reasons to foster or adopt a dog

1. You will be saving lives.

Thousands of dogs get euthanized every year in the United States because of a lack of space in animal shelters, and not nearly enough people consider adoption.

When you adopt, you save a loving animal’s life by making them a part of your family. Every dog deserves a second chance. If you foster a challenging dog, you allow them to recover from the trauma they might have gone through and show them love again. Not only do you get a new family member, but you also open up space in the shelter for another dog who needs to be brought in.

2. You save money.

Generally, when you adopt a pet, the first vaccination cost is included in the adoption price, saving you some money. Dogs from animal shelters usually cost less than a purebred dog.

3. You are in a way fighting puppy mills.

Animals from puppy mills are housed in poor conditions with improper healthcare. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that profit over dogs. Dogs are often discarded once they become non-profitable liabilities. Adopting an animal shows your silent support against puppy mills and possibly saves a dog from a cruel fate.

An ode to all the dog moms

The second Saturday of May is known as the national dog mom's day. Aside from Mother’s Day, dog moms get a special day to celebrate themselves and their fur babies. National Dog Mom's Day recognizes the unique bond women share with fur kids. Raising a dog takes a lot of hard work and patience. Unlike parenting a real child, having a fur baby teaches you about dedication, decision-making, and providing love even in less-than-perfect situations.

Tips for having the Best Dog Mom Day

1. It's a Date!

Does your pup like staying in with some comfort food or going out to a new pet-friendly restaurant and socializing? Plan the perfect date with your fur baby and treat yourselves for a day. Indeed, an extra puppuccino would not hurt!

2. Exciting Adventure? Yes!

A dog park is always an excellent choice, but a special occasion calls for a unique activity. If you and your dog like outdoorsy activities, it is best to plan an exciting adventure for the two of you. You could explore a new hiking trail, try some new experiences, and maybe get on a boat with your dog.

3. Get pampered!

Schedule a spa day for you and your pup. Get a relaxing massage and maybe, a new refreshing haircut. Scheduling a grooming session for your dog can make them feel rejuvenated!

4. Photoshoot!

You and your dog's social media feed could certainly do with some adorable new content. Hire a professional, and plan an elaborate photoshoot for you and your fur baby. Honor your relationship with a special shoot. Maybe, convince the photographer to capture a short montage of you both wearing matching clothes!

5. Shopping!

Buy some new toys and special treats for your dog. Get them some cute outfits, and while you are at it, treat yourself to some new clothes and shoes, too.

Best dog mom gifts

1. Custom pet portrait.

dog mom

A custom pet portrait is the best way to capture a dog's personality and immortalize your special bond. A customized gift adds a unique touch to the present and is sure to be treasured by the person you’re gifting it to.

2. Unique dog tag.

dog mom gifts

Sure, a simple, basic dog tag is a classic, but a relatable or funny one can make the gift much more memorable. Getting the dog mom an engraved dog tag adds sentimental value to it. A funny dog tag can act as a delightful conversation starter.

3. Custom dog socks.

dog mom gifts

Imagine Christmas with eggnog, a dog, your loved ones, and some warm customized socks. This is a great gift especially for occasions that fall in winter. Not only are you giving the dog mom a comfortable, cozy gift, but it's also a special token of her beloved fur child.

4. Custom pet parent portrait.

dog mom gifts

What's better than a custom pet portrait? A custom pet owner portrait. This is an excellent choice for a gift as it is a digital immortalized rendering of a meaningful memory.

5. Dog mom wine glass.

dog mom gift ideas

Usually, dog moms have two things that are dear to them - their dog and wine. This gift is combining the best of both worlds. You could get her fur child's name or silhouette customized on a wine glass.

6. Dog mom shirt.

dog mom shirt

This could be the ultimate proclamation of her dog mom status. A dog mom shirt with her dog’s picture on it announces her as the proud mama of a beautiful dog. It will probably become her favorite piece of clothing.

7. Matching dog and parent outfit.

dog mom shirt

It is a universal fact that nothing beats the cuteness of matching outfits. Matching outfits for a dog mom and her fur child are an excellent excuse for a photoshoot. Luckily, dog moms look for every opportunity to show off their dog to the world.

8. Dog mom quote T-shirt.

dog mom quotes

T-shirts with relatable quotes are a favorite across all ages and genders. A dog mom would love a gift with a quirky quote that she relates to like: "Dogs welcome. People tolerated."

9. Customized coffee mug.

dog lover gifts

This is a generic but sure way to win anyone's heart. A customized coffee mug is unlikely to be a fail. The dog mom will probably adore the upgrade from a regular coffee mug to one with a rendition of her dear dog.

10. Dog lover candle.

dog lover gifts

A customized coffee mug is usually a go-to gift for many occasions, but it's quite basic. However, a personalized candle with a quote about how much you love dogs is rare. With this unique gift, she gets the beauty of the candles and an ode to the dog parent in her.


The bottom line of being a dog mom is making sure your dog has the best of everything. The urge to make your dog happy and pamper them is unparalleled. Every dog deserves luxury, and you surely want your dog to be their most comfortable when they’re with you. Coming up with new ways to make them happy is never a tiresome job for a dog mom. Being a dog mom is extremely rewarding even during challenging times, and a cuddle from your pup makes everything worth it.

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